Monday, November 12, 2007

It was a Friday in May when I entered hospital in preparation to give birth to our third child. In the early hours of Sunday morning that complications set in. I was to fight for my life on three occasions. It was during this time that I experienced what is called a Near Death Experience, not once but on all three occasions.

I received many long-term physical injuries and conditions during this time. It was because of this and due to the confusion that I felt about the birth that I did not at first tell those around me of what had happened. I did however tell my children of my Near Death Experience and
They became my greatest supporters. My two sons wrote the event down as I dictated it to them. Slowly over a period of time, I told others. Thus, a journey began a journey that began with the birth of a baby and ended with the birth of a birth.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Book Art Work

"I have not had a near death experience but I can verify the truth in the rest of this book. The deeper suffering she has experienced is evidenced by the far greater spiritual insights and the reader would be foolish not to heed the advice given.

A close observance of human nature combined with a determination has allowed Joanne to successfully adjust to what life has served up." Gerard Kauter

Book Review By Carolyn- Aquarius Rising

Joanne Calman shares with us her fate, her extraordinary experience at near death in her book "the Causeway". I believe Joanne has received her power and her virtue through this experience. In reading her account I think she has been given the profound experience of actually knowing what her purpose is, that is acknowledging, sharing and honoring what is truly noble in the human spirit. Jo shares her vivid experience of the light. The light that does not change that binds us all together, light that is life giving and working for the common good, the light that is within us all, and the light that breaks into a myriad of rainbow colours when confronted with a soul such as Joanne’s. She has worked in the dark to prepare for the new dawn, which awaits us all - in her first book, she shares a situation we all will face one day.


“Joanne’s story will excite and enthrall the reader. I have known Joanne for many years and she has about her an air of profound peace and understanding.
Her detailed account brings comfort, understanding and hope to those who are fearful of what lies beyond this earthly existence.
I am sure you will find that Joanne’s words bypass your mind and bring comfort to your heart and peace and wisdom to your spirit”.
Petrea King Founder Quest for Life Centre
Bundanoon NSW 2578

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Causeway

“I have written this to create awareness of what happens when our physical body dies- the great unknown. My wisdom and knowledge comes from what I learnt from the very valuable experience of my Near Death Experience. I hope that my experiences will help others understand the intimate balance between the forces that are seen and unseen in our world. To write the experience down has been the single most difficult thing that I have ever had to do. It has meant the opening of my soul and allowing people to hear and understand a very personal experience.”

Author, The Causeway, the bridge from here to there.