Monday, February 11, 2008

"....please everyone, get a copy of Jo's book. I know that the title may put you off a little but please get a copy somehow, your life will truly be enlightened...."


"Hi Joanne,

Just to let you know I am on my second reading of "The Causeway".
I am up to where you meet Mary and sit on that rustic, uncomfortable bench in her mountain garden.
There is something very validating for me in the synchronicity of your meeting Mary in her garden, both in your early reality then in this one.

As far as I can see, the reading of your book should promote some sort of change in the reader.
You simply cannot read this material and go back to sitting in front of the TV as if nothing ever happened.
I feel I should learn as much as I can from your experience and make changes to my way of living that is an expression of that experience.
All very well in theory, but just what are the actual changes to make? This, I'm afraid, is where I come a bit unstuck.
Still I hope in the fullness of time a meaningful path will become apparent.

Thanks again for your insightful book and the huge effort it must have taken to get it to press.

All the best to you and Ross.
Kindest Regards
January 18th 2008"

"What a great insight this little book is - thank you.
Dee read it it too and as it is with all things, it couldn't have come at a better time as Scott's Mum had just passed away and it was a great comfort to she and Scott."

I just thought it would be nice for you and Ross to know that you have helped some people you don't know by sharing your experiences in written form."

There are a handful of books that have touched my life and I nominate ‘The Causeway’ by Joanne Calman one of them. The others are ‘In Tune With The Infinite’ by Ralph Waldo Trine, ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran and ‘The Infinite Way’ by Joel Goldsmith.

Each book in its own way was able to awaken something within me that I recognize as a spiritual truth of the wonderful journey that we all face as we go through the experiences here on earth in order to grow spiritually into eternity. With Joanne’s book I not only felt ‘at home’ with the visions that she described in her book ‘The Causeway’ but I was also impressed also with the design of the book itself. The colour used for each page enhances the spiritual experience, the size of the font used for the text made it very easy to read and the pages left blank so that the reader can ponder and make individual notes about the ideas expressed in the book all added to the total experience of the book.

‘The Causeway’ will always remain as one of my ‘special’ books and I unashamedly recommend it to all who are searching for an understanding of what our purpose is on this earth.

May your life and that of you’re your loved ones be filled with peace and rich experiences.

A Kindred Spirit